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We journey through life learning, experiencing, and making memories.

Guided by Spirit, I bring you messages of love, encouragement,
hope and, occasionally, advice through Psychic Readings.

I have built my practice with integrity, expertise and natural talent. When you have a session with me, I want you to leave knowing that you are supported, clear about your path forward and comforted if your heart was heavy. Whether you come to me looking for proof that your loved one still exists, hints on what the future has in store for you or actual tools to help work through a problem, trauma or grief - I am here for YOU.

Looking for answers to any of these questions?
  • I'm not fulfilled by my current job. What should I do?

  • Will I ever find Mr / Mrs Right?

  • Does my loved one have anything they'd like to tell me?

  • I've lost my purpose (or direction) in life! What should I do?

  • Do I have any Spiritual Gifts?

  • Will my son / daughter ever find their own life and move out?

  • The ultra sound didn't tell me what gender my baby is. Can you tell me?

  • He / She committed suicide! Why? Are they happy / safe now?

  • I never knew my dad / mom! Who were they?

  • My loved one was cruel here in life! Are they sorry now?

  • Is my child going to grow up to be happy?

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