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Medium Kathleen Janes

Eternal* Unknown *Help

Guided by Spirit to Give You Peace

The thing of it is... Being this old, I know stuff!

Having witnessed first hand the enormous need for Mediums to work ethically and with credentials, I have built my practice with integrity, expertise and natural talents / gifts. My sessions are heart warming, enlightening and designed to give you, the customer, that of which you came, whether that be proof that your loved one still exists, hints on what the future has in store for you or actual tools to help work through a problem, trauma or grief.

I have a solid business background and I also attended Georgian College, for Thanatology  - the study of death and grief. I will laughingly advise: You can ask me all of the questions you don't feel comfortable asking those close to you! I am a proud member of both The London Spiritualist Church and The Spiritualist Church Of Canada, and I am a huge advocate for proof of life after what we call death and will always be ethical with what is best for the Spirit and my client with an edge of truth. If you're meant to get a little kick in the behind, that's what you'll get! 

I am a volunteer driver for Children's Aide and support the Port Stanley Food Bank. I am also, a member of the London Spiritualist Church and the Spiritualist church of Canada and Lily Dale Assembly.

Just as a diamond is eternal, so are your loved ones

I am here to help with your unknown